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"The Power to Unleash The Woman Within" Sarah D. Coleman - Lee

"The Power to Unleash The Woman Within" Sarah D. Coleman - Lee

Now is the time to release all that is holding you back. It’s time to “unleash” the woman within!

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About the Author

Sarah Coleman-Lee understands through her own struggles, how life challenges can keep you stuck, broken and unable to enjoy an abundant life. As she has found the freedom to fully walk in the greatness of who she was created to be, she has a burning desire to use life lessons to inspire other women. It 's time to release all that is holding you back and become the best that you can be!

Sarah D. Coleman Lee is a real estate broker associate and a veteran of the United States Air Force. Sarah is also founder of Women Destined for Greatness, an organization that unites women from all walks of life together in sisterhood to be enriched, encouraged and empowered with the tools and resources needed to personally and professionally live a purpose-filled life.


About the Book


You will come to truly believe, that God has placed within you everything you need to live your best life ever. As you pursue your journey of greatness, this book will empower you to keep putting one foot in front of the other, to Never Give UP, and to stand firm in your faith to truly believe Go d's ability to transform your life from the inside out. The Power to Unleash the Woman Within will inspire you to:
* Value who you are, while discovering who you can become.* Identify and disrupt toxic behavioral cycles that sabotage your success.* Stop the madness and break free from unhealthy relationships.* Walk in the power of being YOU! Create success and build your legacy.

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Women Destined for Greatness is a place for women from all walks of life to come together to network, learn critical life skills and to get the tools needed to enhance their quality of life while building a stronger faith based foundation for themselves and their families.

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Interview with Sarah Coleman Lee "The Power to Unleash The Woman Within"

Sarah sat down with Louisa Akaiso of The Civilized Presence during a Facebook Live Interview. Sarah discussed her book "The Power to Unleash The Woman Within and key steps they can take to live a life of victory no matter their circumstance.